i want to throw up when i think about the past and all the people that i used to be friends with and all the wrong things ive done and all the things ive said that i shouldnt have

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you dont have to agree with his policies but you have to admit hes the coolest president weve had ever

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- Professionals

- Frat buds

- Children

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I am so scared right now

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new speedpaint video~

speedstream of a commission

my favorite line in all of cinematic history 

my favorite line in all of cinematic history 

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i’m that kind of person who between two choices always pick the wrong one

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I grow super attached to people so please give me a 60 day warning before I stop existing to you.

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Anime Scenery: Isshuukan Friends Ep. 3

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I darkened the production sketches so you can actually see them since a few were really light

these came from my own scans of the book I hope you guys like them!!

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when books make you cry like fuck you book you’re a stack of paper

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Magazine Scan Cleaned by (x)

Magazine Scan Cleaned by (x)

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